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Among the recent infrastructure projects designed to help flourish the blockchain, most seem to primarily address what is already being done within the blockchain stack, offering a marginal innovation with respect to what’s currently available, without projecting the adoption of the blockchain as an ecosystem. Until now, much of what we’ve seen take place are projects iterating a blockchain functionality or for tools to help build wallets or smart contracts.
At Open Money we believe it’s time to build outward facing momentum by providing support for software developers outside of the blockchain community. As they start utilizing this amazing technology, the common individual will begin utilizing cryptocurrency driving increasing mainstream adoption.
What better way to spark the rate of adoption then to appeal and incentivize the people who build the tools for everyday interaction? Both business and consumer developers, with the correct tools, can help promote blockchain expansion.
Please see this Huffington Post article: ... 6632c076b9
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Я случайно наткнулась, на компанию Open Money , и она меня сразу заинтересовала, своими интересными конкурсами, тем самым зарабатывая при этом токены компании! Таким образом, позволят большему количеству людей ,принять участие в ICO! Правильные инструменты, могут способствовать расширению blockchain! Предстоящие Open Money ICO позволит каждому стать инвестором в этой новой инновационной технологии blockchain! Попробуйте это сейчас!

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