[Contest #4] Space Bird Game - Sponsored by DKV2:U

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Space Bird Contest #4



Space Bird is a browser based Flappy Bird clone. Crypto Database users who are logged in while playing will have their scores recorded. During a tournament the score gained will go towards their contest ranking.



Rank 1: 50% of sponsored prize
Rank 2: 30% of sponsored prize
Rank 3: 10% of sponsored prize
Crypto Database: 10% of sponsored prize

Contest Sponsorship
If you are a coin developer or supporter and would like to sponsor a future contest please contact me via private message.

Devs or supporters who sponsor a contest will receive the option to include their logo or image inside the game as part of the moving scenery as a show of appreciation for the duration of the contest. Limitations apply and are listed below.

Package 1: $5 in your coin = Sponsored By {sponsor} on start screen (Ex. http://prntscr.com/fqc9cr)
Package 2: $7 in your coin = Package 1 plus 1 50x50 image placement in game (Ex. http://prntscr.com/fqc9q3)
Package 2: $10 in your coin = Package 2 plus 1 120x50 image placement in game (Ex. http://prntscr.com/fqc9q3)

Contest Runtime
Contests will usually last a week. Users can join in the contest at any point after it starts. Any games played before and/or after an ongoing contest will not count towards that tournament.

Contest 4 - Starts October 24 - Ends October 31 - Prizes 500 HYPER - Sponsored by DKV2:U


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