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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about our digital token sale which is currently ongoing. Details are below.

What is DigitX?

DigitX is a new Ethereum ERC20 token which will be deployed in software and hardware applications for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The DigitX team is focused on building an ecosystem of real usable products which contribute to the advancement of AI and robotics - more specifically to the development of open source deep neural nets and open source hardware that is mostly 3d printable.

Launch Date: Currently on Ethereum network
Symbol: X
Website: http://www.digitx.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Digitx_Token

To participate in our crowdsale - you can send Ether to contract address 0x9a4fe70bb7b39127f4772acaf0d000578644b39d

A whole number of |X| tokens will be distributed based on the current price. If you send more Ether than required for a whole number of tokens, your change will be automatically added to the donation pool.


Total Tokens: 1 billion
Initial Offering Tokens: 1 million - tokens which are being sold in our initial offering
Donation Pool Tokens: 10 million - after the first 1 million tokens are sold, futher subscriptions will be taken via donation. All addresses which donate will be awarded tokens based on the proportion of their donation to the total donation pool during the merge mining period. (estimated at ~40+ years)
Sponsorship Tokens: 239 million - seed tokens to be invested in projects which contribute to the ecosystem
Mineable Tokens: 562.5 million - Tokens to be merge mined with Ethereum.
Lottery Tokens: 187.5 million

Mining Reward Structure

Mining Reward: 10 tokens per block
Estimated time to mine: 40+ years

Donation Pool Tokens Available
10 million (donations must be made by Jan 1, 2018 using the "CrowdSaleDonate" function of our smart contract to qualify.

Details on how to donate are here: http://www.digitx.io/Crowdsale.aspx#Contribute

Ongoing Distribution
95% to miner
5% to LOTTERY address

Projects confirmed to use DigitX

AI Exchange: An AI on demand platform and royalty based system for neural network models
Persist: Open Source database optimised for Artificial Intelligence applications. Robotics Exchange: Open Source Hardware platform with detailed howtos and 3d printable projects

More details available on our website - http://www.digitx.io/Projects.aspx

Get in touch

We don't think that our projects are the only ones which will contribute to the decentralised development of AI and Robotics so don't hesitate to get in touch if you think you have a project which might be a good fit to use DigitX tokens and be listed on our site.

Project Reward Requirements
All projects submitted for sponsorship must submit:
* A detailed vision statement explaining where the project fits in the larger AI and robotics ecosystem
* A technical plan of how the vision will be realised along with major milestones for dissemination to the community.
* A list of skills required to realise project benefit

Social Media Bounty

If you would like to participate in either our Twitter or Bitcointalk campaigns, please send us a message using this link http://www.digitx.io/Default.aspx#Contact, specifying which campaign you are interested in & a link to your profile and we'll email you back full details.


We're currently in discussion with a number of exchanges and will post updates as we get approved. In the meantime you can help us to get listed by....


C-CEX: Votes are 0.001 BTC each https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=x
CoinGather: Votes are 0.0002BTC each https://www.coingather.com/vote

We believe that the strength of a digital token is really held in the network which supports it. To that end we are focusing our efforts on trying to predict what the future of AI and robotics will be like and then designing and developing the platforms, hardware and software that contribute to making that future a reality.

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