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Crowdsale.Network is a decentralized international platform.

The business accelerator Crowdsale.Network is a decentralized international platform of the new generation, created at the junction of three industries - block, crapsdale startups, crypto education. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that is accessible to millions of people around the world in which those who need knowledge will have access to those who have knowledge, and those who need investments will have access to those who have money for investment.

Structure of the project
The Crowdsale.Network project is a self-regulated system with its own infrastructure, social and economic mechanics, implemented with the help of blocking technology.
VQ Education is a personal educational trainer. Special knowledge in the most trendy directions, like blocking technology, will be collected in the knowledge base of VQ. Unlike information sites, this platform is created in the form of an online individual training site with the support of experts.
CSN Pay - Multi-currency cryptoscore with a high level of reliability and quick installation on the computer and with a guarantee of safety during storage. Supports all popular crypto-currencies and tokens of all start-ups created on the CSN platform.
CSN Store - The Internet site operating in the field of E-commerce, where there are trade transactions between companies under the scheme B2B and B2C, where the trading unit is the calculation of crypto-currencies
CSN Exchange - the launch of a decentralized exchange is planned, where the current crypto-currencies and tokens of successful ICO projects of the Crowdsale.Network platform will be traded.
CSN Charity - the union of all the charitable foundations of the world with the help of the block, which includes its own charitable foundation "I change world" platform.
TokenApi is a simple tool for creating your own token on the Ethereum block system in 3 clicks.

Economic regulation of the system
This is a process in which all elements of the ecosystem function stably under the smart contract program and at the same time effectively interact with each other, providing a high level of productivity and quality. All profits received by the site from all future projects will be automatically distributed among all holders of coins according to a given formula, which will create a demand for Crowdsale Network tokens.

Brand values
1. Experts Association of World Blockers and Business Experts
2. Filter A unique algorithm for selecting projects before going to ICO
3. Security The safe multiplication of investors' assets
4. Franchising Representative offices in dozens of countries around the world
5. Escrow Step-by-step project financing through Escrow account
6. CSN Charity "I change world" charitable foundation

Investment attractiveness
The funds raised during the ICO will be sent to the startups of the future accelerated Crowdsale Network programs and the holders of the CSN tokens will always profit from each new start-up that came out on the ICO.
Crypto-currency CSN can be purchased goods and services in the online store CSN Store and participate in ICO prospective start-ups that are 3-level selection.

For partners and developers
CSN Core API provides the ability to integrate any online and offline services that will participate in the community economy and use the CSN token as a value carrier. Representations and expert teams will be established in no less than 50 countries. In every big city of the country there will be only one main representative - CITY ADVISOR, who will select a team for the formation of the marketing department and the department of experts. The chief representative of CITY ADVISOR will be provided with all-round support and all applications for new projects will be provided, all applications from new potential investors.
As a key person, CITY ADVISOR will receive dividends from all successfully implemented projects and from the expansion of the partner network.

Mission and philosophy of the company

We support and implement socially important projects that improve and change the quality of life of every person.
Tokens CSN
Distribution of tokens
In the first round, 20,000,000 (40%) tokens were distributed between the active
partners of the project. 10,000,000 (20%) tokens are reserved for later
own ICO. The remaining volume of 20,000,000 (40%) tokens is donated to package holders free of charge, which will allow them to vote for new start-ups and receive dividends from the entire Crowdsale.Network project, in addition to the profit from the growing price of tokens.
It is planned to conduct 6 rounds of selling licenses for 10 days each.
Formula: Price License = (number of tokens in the package) x (cost 1 VOICE)
Starting price of VOICE = 0,000030 BTC. With each round, the number of tokens will decrease.

The distribution mechanism

Как получить токены распределения
Чтобы сделать первый шаг, Вам необходимо:
​ 1. Зарегистрироваться на сайте http://www.crowdsale.network (регистрация по приглашению)
​ 2. Купить один из пакетов Лицензий Crowdsale Network
​ 3. Сформировать команду экспертов, команду программистов, дизайнеров, переводчиков
​ 4. Создать партнерскую сеть по городу и начать отбор стартап проектов.
​ 5. Более подробную информацию получите, связавшись с нами.
​ 6. Распределение дохода платформы CSN вычисляется по формулам:

ICO (Токенсейл)

Дорожная карта
1. 07.07.2017 - Предрегистрация
2. 27.07.2017 - Создания франчайзинговой сети
3. Декабрь - 1 квартал 2018 - Выход на криптобиржу
4. I квартал, 2018 Интеграция проектов в экосистеме CSN
5. I-III квартал, 2018- Запуск 15 и более проектов на платформе
6. 07.08.2018 - Церемония награждения лучших стартапов CSN Lab

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Interesting! Will keep an eye on it!

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ciforumadmin wrote:
Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:12 pm
Interesting! Will keep an eye on it!
Hello we are very pleased that you are interested in our company. Ask questions. Soon to be a lot of news.

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