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Cheese Coin

Get some cheese enjoy the staking goodness

Official Website

Vote for us on Tradesatoshi
Great News for Cheesecoin Lovers. We are on third Rank and need all support from you to get us listed in Tradesatoshi. Now go and vote for our beloved Cheesecoin to be added in Tradesatoshi. Just 50+ More Votes required.


NOT AN ICO | FAIR LAUNCH | PoW - PoS | Airdrop

Cheese Coin is a PoW/PoS coin created in order to Swap MICE and produce a fair coin which everyone can enjoy.
Cheese Coin, is a cost effective and energy efficiency crypto which strives for every single effort to make
mining available to everyone, and provides an even playing field for people looking to issue digital coins without expensive equipment.

The cheese coin project started of transparency and the community are involved in every progress achieved.

Please give your honest feedback on our ANN about cheesecoin project and get involved now Cheesy

Road MAP
TBA with lots of interesting Facts

Name: Cheese Coin
Ticker: CHEE
Algo: Scrypt
Total coins: 500 Billion
PRE-Mined blocks = 150M

RPCport: 33255
Port: 33253

0-20 15 cheese Completed
20-500 1 cheese Completed
500-5000 15 cheese Completed
5000-200000 25 cheese
end of POW phase

0-500 333% Completed
500-2500 7300% Completed
2500-10000 5000% Completed
10000-50000 2500%
50000-150000 666%
150000-infinite 333%


How to Participate:
Join our Discord
Vote for us on Tradesatoshi
Provide us your Cheese coin address Our Discord at Channel #Airdrop-Claim along with screenshot of Voting
Get 50 Cheese as simple as this.

You can create a cheesecoin address by installing our wallet or create a wallet on
The wallet on coins market also allow for POS.

Windows Wallet and Chain Download Link
• Download the Windows Wallet
• Extract the folder
• Run the Wallet QT file
• If the wallet fails to run follow the steps below :
• Copy the chain file in the Cheesecoin folder which is available after extracting the Zip file
• Delete the content of the cheesecoin folder in the below location
C:\Users\Administrator \AppData\Roaming\CheeseCoin
• Paste the copied content into the C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\CheeseCoin folder
• Run the Cheese Coin wallet again
• The Wallet should open and Sync without any issues after this .







Unofficial Pool

Best Regards

Cheese Coin SWAP Team

Cheesecoin (@cheesecoin)

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