It is using a new secure hashing algorithm and is the most innovative thing about it. It has a HMQ1725 algo which stands for "Highly Modified Quark 17 algorithms 25 hash rounds". The algo enhances on quark with 17 different algorithms going through 25 rounds of hashing. it is asic proof, meaning it can only be mined with a cpu or gpu


Our 4 curent tasks

Website design (dev)
Listing on new exchanges
Roadmap (community wishes)
Technical info (core developers capabilities)

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Low difficulty:

min coin age - 3 hours
block size: 6mb

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you can set your wallet to stake or not it's your choice.?

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50 coins per block pow
50 coins per block pos
tx min fee 0.1 NMD

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Nomad coins provide

Fast transactions
Fantastic community support

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We are currently working towards bringing nomad to the mobile world stay tuned on our progress!

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