Until Death I sleep (Go Unheard The End!)

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I walk to the chamber
Where I will die
Walking with pride
They will not make me cry

I enter the room with not a care
Snicker and grin
I tilt my head and greet the chair

They tie me in, over my head
Twice around my rib
I laugh a little
When I was born I had one
In death this will be my crib

I nod to them to lift the curtain
Revealing the parents of those I killed
They will be enjoying this I am certain

In this crowd of people I still feel alone
I watch the clock tick away
Counting down the time
For the governor to call on the phone

I know they see me as a disgrace
I can see their
Wishing for death
Upon their face

I know in my book of life there is not another page
To these people and the ones that are outside
Wishing to come in
I am about to take center stage

I feel that they want
To see my guilty side
Showing I am scared
Feared of judgment
That comes
After my lightning ride

Give them no more
Of what I can
I will face death and see God
As I change from Boy
To Man

A man asks
For the final things I would say
I think hard
To give a lasting memory
Before the price for my sins
I am forced to pay

“After this day I know
I will not see you in my dreams
But this moment is not yours
I am sorry, Now you will hear my screams!”

I screamed with all my might
Yelling curses to ghosts
As they flick the switch
The lightning going through me
Took my light

Ever since I was that child I cannot lie
Living in this life was the worst
Knowing my molester was my father
I wished ever day to die.

So I did things to bury me
In a hole six feet deep
I would be scared of him
Until death I sleep

Now I will never go unheard.

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